Database Migration

Thinking of updating your current FileMaker system but not sure if your long-established data will migrate?

You may be finding that because you have upgraded your operating system recently that your older version of FileMaker is not running as efficiently as it used to, or that it requires improvement and/or changes to ensure it is compatible with your operating system. Yet you don’t want to lose all your data that you have built up over years…

At Infinite Code, we can install the latest version of FileMaker, ensuring it is compatible with your hardware and upgraded operating system, as well as migrate and convert all your data… you won’t lose any important and valuable information.

No database system?

That’s ok… if you currently retain all your contact information on Excel, we can make the step up to a FileMaker database easy for you. We will install the latest version of FileMaker, import all your data from Excel and then build the interface to ensure you have a fully operational database system with no loss of data.

Connecting your Database to ESS (My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle)?

If you are running an Oracle or SQL system, we can also install FileMaker, migrate all the information from the data sources, and build the interface so that the data on both systems connect and communicate with each other, working together as one database.